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SOMA Coffee Company - freshly roasted in Cork

Here at The Pear Tree Café & Wine Bar we are proud to say that we work closely with the best businesses in Ireland. SOMA has won many awards over the last years and this is just the beginning. 

SOMA Coffee Company's approach to:


When it comes to sourcing coffee we go the extra mile, meeting our suppliers first hand at origin to taste and source freshly harvested coffee for the season ahead. We are always looking for exciting, unique and delicious coffee, but we also care about the farmers and producers who put all the hard work into your delicious cup. For this reason, all our coffee is single-origin, traceable and ethically sourced.


When it comes to coffee roasting, taste is king. Our aim is to create a roast profile that allows the natural deliciousness of the coffee we source to shine. All done on our Small Batch 15KG Dutch Drum Roaster in Cork, Ireland.


At The Pear Tree Café we are in constant pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee. Baristas fondly refer to this as the elusive "God shot" - the perfect espresso. We use state of the art technology to measure everything and constantly tweak our recipes to serve you the best coffee we can!

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